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Exclusive management and A & R for Jazz-Rock Fusion & Film Soundtrack composer/keyboardist/percussionist, Dan Pinto and home for...

       Pinto Studios is an advanced digital and analog audio/visual recording facility and home to Eclectic Sound Records. Exclusive in facilitating productions created by Dan Pinto, the studio makes it possible to combine electronic keyboard, multitrack audio/sequencing and digital DAT/CD/DVD recording. Fully SYMPTE & MIDI compatible with any video format, it allows digital video hard drive, 3/4 inch & VHS video tape or DVD disk with timecode to enable the studio's audio equipment to link up. In addition, sequenced audio tracks can be generally transcribed to notation form for use by studio musicians. The music software is IBM based. Over 200 disks supporting Five complete libraries both in musical instrument and special audio effects are on hand.

      Pinto Studios is supported by some of the following equipment: Tascam DA-88 & DA-38 combined 16 track digital audio; VCOM digital video, Sony 3/4" tape & DVD video, JVC and Panasonic digital video editing & Sony Digital video editing software; Tascam DAT audio & Microboards multi-CD recording; Cakewalk & Vision sequencing software; Kurzweil, Roland, Korg & Moog keyboards; Pearl, Simmons, Paiste & Zildzian drum equipment with Musser, Ludwig, Armen & LP percussion and Fender, Gibson & Washburn electric and acoustic guitar & amplifier equipment. Pinto Studios is located just 15 minutes outside of Manhattan, New York in New Jersey.





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