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Dan Pinto's
Official Website



Dan Pinto's
Official Website


All music written, arranged and produced by Dan Pinto


If you've reached this web page, that means that
In order to claim your prize, all you need to do is to send us an email verifying the clue that was given to get you here.
If you did NOT reach this page by finding the clue first, you STILL may have a chance to win. To find out how, just click over to the Anomalies CD Release page.

Those of you who DID find the clue that got you here, CONGRADULATIONS!! YOU ARE A WINNER!!
(All winners are subject to verification. See Contest Rules for details.)
 Send your email to "Eclectic Sound" at "AnomaliesGiveaway@DanPintoMusic.com" and supply us with the Clue that you found along with the title of the Anomaly named piece of music. Be sure to include your full name and address to receive your copy of "Anomalies" and thanks for entering the contest!

Now, after all that you did to get here, aren't you just a little bit interested in knowing what the Secret Anomaly song sounds like? SURE you are! So then go back to the Discography Page and click on the sample to give it a listen.
And feel free to order any of Dan Pinto's other
music CDs that you like,
from the
CD Ordering Page. :)

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