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Dan Pinto Piano Pieces
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Solitude  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
For My Love  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Softwater Sky  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi

Ballad Style
Visions  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Neverending Goodbye  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Blue Of The Flame(Vocal)  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi

Orchestral Accompaniment
The Haunting  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
JPF Awards nominee for 2006...
"Best Instrumental Song Of The Year!"

Serenity  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Free Spirit  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
For Pete's Sake  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Whenever  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Sojourn Of The Heart  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi
Aurora Borealis  Hi-Fi  Lo-Fi

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     Dan Pinto's primary instrument is without any doubt, the Piano. And with all the styles that he writes music in, whether it be film soundtrack, orchestral, new age, jazz fusion or rock, it is in fact the piano from which his compositions are all originally born.

     Early on when Dan was first learning to play, 4 and 5 octave electronic keyboards were not enough, so he would go between borrowing one or another full size pianos until he was able to afford his own. "There is no substitue for having 88 keys beneath your fingertips" When it comes to acoustics, Steinway and Yamaha are two of his favorites, but he has also used everything including the earliest electric/acoustic and acoustic digital pianos such as the Yamaha CP80 and Roland RD-1000 of which he still owns the latter. Currently he records with a Kurzweil.

     Dan is a self taught player. While he has had some professional training early in his career, it was never quite as fulfilling for him to learn his craft that way as opposed to being able to sit down in front of a piano to just play without the need for sheet music or formal instruction. Hence the importance of improvisation, a skill that Dan Pinto had well developed early on. It's an ability that allows him to not only spontaneously write new ideas for composition, but also gives him a confidence in his performance both live and in the studio. For him it's a win win situation. Even when writing music in a classical vein, a style that improvisation is almost nonexistent in, this technique gives Dan the ability to arrange well thought out ideas for composition. All one has to do is listen to his music to know how well this works for him.

     Currently, Dan Pinto's CD, "Ivory Towers" is considered to be the one album that is geared more towards piano solo and piano with orchestral accompaniment pieces all grouped together, although piano ballads can be found on his "Visions" & "Blue Of The Flame" CDs. He also has hopes on recording and releasing a brand new solo piano CD sometime in 2011. All three CDs mentioned above are available for purchase from his CD Ordering Page on this site.

     Eventhough Dan Pinto continues to release music audio CDs of his work in various styles, he is currently focused on writing music for the film industry. Again, it was his composition based on improvisations at the piano that sparked the ideas he wrote on the audio soundtrack for the movie "Die For A Life", a film that was produced by him and recorded at Pinto Studios. For more information on Dan Pinto including a background & resume along with a general overview to this, his official website, please visit the HomePage.



All music was written, arranged & produced
by Dan
Pinto and recorded at Pinto Studios.

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